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Aug 06
Jul 25

dear followers:

we know it’s been a long time since we’ve updated this blog. we’re sorry if you missed us. 

we’ve really enjoyed writing this blog together. it was a great experience, especially for learning our personal blogging styles. it gave us a lot of insight into what people want to read about, and where we’d like to go with blogging. 

i will be moving to glasgow at the end of august, and mary will be moving to prague mid-september. we realized that keeping this blog together could potentially hold us both back from blogging about our experiences in a more cohesive and productive way. our lives will be very different, and we think that having separate blogs will be a much better outcome for us. we both intend to continue blogging, and we hope that you’ll join us for it.

we’ll be updating this blog to let you know of where you can find our new blogs, so don’t unfollow us just yet! thanks for all of your support thus far!



Jul 11

Engagament Photos

The wedding is fast approaching and we are finally moving from the planning stage to the things-are-actually-happening phase!

Lauren snapped these lovely engagement photos for us last week. Having our friends involved in so many aspects of our wedding has certainly made it feel more special and we appreciate all the help!

Jul 08
stay tuned for some peeks at paul and mary’s engagement shots!

stay tuned for some peeks at paul and mary’s engagement shots!

Jul 06

Red, white, and blue…and yellow and pink

This weekend was a t&t [& significant others] extravaganza! We stopped by the Bartlett fair on Saturday and were off to Chicago Monday for a rooftop deck 4th of July party courtesy of Lauren’s Uncles.

We hope you had a fun weekend and got your fill of fireworks, food, and freedom!

Jun 30

shower [me with] candy

i am putting together a dessert table for mary’s shower next week, and paul and i went hunting for delicious candy today that we can use. i am really excited because i LOVE dessert tables. my inspiration looks a little bit like this:

[found this one via a google search]

[via a beautiful mess]

i’ve loved reading about elsie’s wedding on a beautiful mess, and she and her sister have an eerily similar aesthetic to mary and me, so naturally i looked for a few bits of inspiration on her blog. i’ve also shaken every apple from martha stewart’s tree. i’m not sure ours will be as big [the shower will only have about 30 people there], but we’re definitely hoping it’s as cute.

in case i hadn’t already said this, the way i met mary is because paul is my best friend. it’s pretty great because the two of them are my favorite people [along with alex, of course]. it’s been fun running around and collecting some of these wedding details with paul, and today we went to the fisher outlet to get bulk candy. HOLY FUN, BATMAN! 

i love candy. i love sweets. 

check out those shoes! i had an amazing thrift day yesterday [3 pairs of shoes for less than $3 each!], and these were only $2.80.

the jeans were also secondhand, $6. 

Jun 29

Beneath the Leaves

I am wary of allowing too much black into my wardrobe because black was my wardrobe in high-school and it was difficult to transition out of, but done [ & not overdone] right it’s understated and sophisticated. These days I tend toward grey and love black & grey paired together.  

Sweater: Target, on clearance $11

Jeans: Bullhead via Buffalo Exchange, $7.50

Blazer: The Gap circa 2010

Flats: City Flats from The Gap, on sale in stores for $25!

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